Graze and Gaze Farm
Barre, Vermont
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Our meats are all frozen to preserve quality, freshness and nutritional value.  We pick eggs up daily from our layers.  

Current Pricing as of November 15, 2019:

By far the most economical way to purchase beef or pork is by the half or quarter.


Poultry - 

            Whole farm-fresh chickens, processed on farm - $5.50/lb.



            Will be available in November.


Pork - 

            Hams with Bone-in, Hickory Smoked and Maple Cured - $9.00/lb.

            Pork Chops - $10.00/lb.

            Bacon, Hickory Smoked and Maple Cured - $12.50/lb. 

            Country Style Ribs - $8.50/lb.

            Sweet Italian Sausage - $8.50/lb. loose

            Breakfast Sausage - $8.50/lb.

            Shoulder Roast - $8.50/lb. 


Beef - $4.50/hanging weight

            Lean Ground beef - $7/lb.

            Chuck Steaks - $8/lb.

            Sirloin Steaks - $12/lb.
            T-Bone - $18/lb.
            Tenderloin - $22/lb.
            Top Round - $10/lb.

Eggs - 

            Eggs - $4.50/Dozen


Special Prices per hanging weight:

            Beef by the quarter or half - $4.50/lb. per hanging weight

            Pork by the half - $4.75/lb. per hanging weight

Prices listed here are subject to change based upon availability.  




We are a small family owned farm with a focus on agricultural excellence.  We strongly believe in respecting the environment. We believe this results in a superior product.